Amenities Status: 11/21/2019

Indoor Pool – Closed until furter notice . Children under 12 must have adult supervision.

Outdoor Pool -Closed until further notice.  Outdoor pool open when cover is off.

Rec. Center – OPEN. The Rec. Center hall is only available for official Ranch or Committee events and is not available for private Member bookings.

Teen Room – OPEN. Ask Security or the Office for access, you must each sign in.

Adult Lounge – OPEN.

Golf Course – OPEN.  Course is open when flags are on greens.

Mini-golf course is OPEN. Putters and balls are available by the course.

Tennis Courts are OPEN.

Volleyball is OPEN.

Cookshack – OPEN Contact the Ranch Office for booking information. Private member bookings and Club/Committee bookings

Gazebo Barbecue – OPEN – Contact the Ranch Office for booking information. Private member bookings and Club/Committee bookings.


Please follow Facilities Rules as posted in your Bylaws/Rules booklets and signs at each facility. Be aware that some of these areas are under 24/7 security digital camera surveillance. Your activities in these areas may be recorded if any disruptive behavior or damage occurs.
Campfires are OK. To find out the requirements for an approved enclosure/recreational fire, please call the burning information line at (360) 676-6934. Note the penalties for violating the regulations. Important Safety Announcement! Please, no rain covers over fire pits, including portable patio or garden gazebos purchased from retail stores, or tarps. Campfires should not be used during winds higher than 7 – 10 mph. Members may NOT cut down any tree, regardless of size. The Ranch is doing a lot of cutting, and the wood is used for timber sales.
If you have branches to dispose of, please leave them at the roadside in front of your campsite. The Ranch crew will come by and pick them up for you, no cost. Understand that this is branches only, no bags of leaves, needles, twigs, etc. These can be scattered in the greenbelt as very good fertilizer (soil conditioner) for the forest. Do not, however deposit around the trunks of trees or at the top of steep slopes. The Ranch now has a compost bin located where the burn pile used to be. Please only put organic matter such as food scraps in the compost bin. It will be dumped on the horse manure pile and spread on the fields, so there is to be no paper or other debris in it. Thanks for cooperating and participating in this with us.

Golf Course Rules:

•During the season, please do not golf when there is frost on the ground.
•Your cooperation is appreciated. THANKS!
•All Golfers MUST start play at hole #1.
•Please be considerate to other players and their use of the course.
•Know and play by ALL golf course rules.
•Shirts and shoes are REQUIRED.

Electric Service:

Your campsite is on an electric circuit along with several other neighboring sites. Contact the office for instructions on how to conduct a test to help identify high usage appliances. If this does not reveal a major draw, you may wish to request a Maintenance visit to check the electric service pedestal. Do this by filling out a blue “maintenance request” sheet, available at the office or security. Please be mindful of your personal electricity usage. To run power to your shed, visit for more information on how to acquire a permit or call Danny at LNI directly with any questions at 360-647-7306.

Septic Information:

Septic Need to Know: Septic systems are much different than sewer systems like what is commonly used in most cities and urban areas. We really need your help in reducing the amount of septic trouble calls we experience. While we know that there will still be failed systems due to tree root infiltration, etc. there are many things that the septic users can do to help cut down on the clogs and reduced functioning of the systems. At the Ranch there are several hundred septic systems. Each system consists of a septic tank that is designed with a center baffle to help the contents decompose at an accelerated rate and then drain out through a pipe system called a drain field to work it’s way back into the soil in a non toxic form. Each tank serves from 2 – 9 campsites which are connected to the tank through another pipe system that the trailers dump waste through into the tank. New State and County Health codes are making for a more thorough septic management program. This in turn raises the budget necessary to cover the cost associated with this added duty for management and staff. Click HERE for local newspaper articles regarding septic regulations.

Horseback Trail Ride:

Signup time is 10am  winter and Spring/Summer  Sign-up at the tack up area between the horse barn and the maintenance shop.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays will still be the horses days off in order to give the horses a break and the Wranglers time to do barn cleaning and maintenance. Note: rides are sometimes cancelled if the weather is too hot, wet, icy or windy. Arena rides will be conducted when possible and when the trails are no longer safe to ride. Before you can sign up for a ride, a release form for liability must be turned in (parent/guardian signature required for minors, this is a one time initial requirement). The waiver can be found in the office or on the members page of our website.

Riders should arrive at least 10 minutes early for sign-ups as well as assigned ride times, must be wearing closed toe shoes with heels (no wedges), and have a riding helmet (there are some loaners available at the barn).  “C” riders or beginners must bring an adult with them to lead their horse. Leaders should also be wearing closed toe shoes. No sandals or flip flops allowed.


Garbage Instructions:

  • ONLY household bagged garbage as well as small recyclables (bottles, cans, etc.) will be allowed to be dumped in the garbage area.
  • If you have other items to dump, please place them near the road & come to the office to fill out a request form to have your garbage picked up.  The maintenance crew will be doing pick-ups every Monday and Tuesday.  Charges will be added to your account after pick up has been completed.  Quotes for dump requests are not available.
  • Appliances: $37.00
    Couches/Sofas: $25.00
    Mattresses: $25.00
    Sheds, fences, etc:By estimate

Recycling Area Instructions:

•No fee for scrap metal deposits. These should be left at the front of the scrap metal dumpster for staff to place properly into the dumpster. Eligible scrap metals include: metal roofing and sheds (wood removed), propane tanks (empty only!), aluminum piping or frames, old BBQs with all wood/plastic parts removed, stoves/ovens. If you are not sure, ask the office. Revenue from the scrap metal goes to support the Recycling Committee. Everything that is not metal must be removed.
•Glass bottles and jars should be put into the glass recycling bin; no fee.
•Aluminum cans should be deposited into the aluminum recycling bin. Flattened cans are appreciated.

 Comcast XFINITY Service:

XFINITY® is now available at Black Mountain Ranch! Bulk Digital Starter TV services including one full Digital Terminal and One Adapter will be included and available for each BMR member site. Click HERE for the informational flyer.

Application for Employment:

Click this link to download PDF version of our employment application.